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To speak about Foundry it would not be fair to start by explaining it's current state, we would need to start at the humble beginning.

Almost 11 years ago we began scratching together an existence in not much more than a garden shed on the family farm, building one item of furniture at a time around lawn mowers and gardening tools. It was also here our first jewellery collection was slowly and laboriously attempted and with much perseverance completed.

As the fire of inspiration grew so did our space, into a bigger version of the original farm shed then evolving into its current form of Workshop / Showroom / Head Office. The transition from country isolation to a busier social environment, though proving quite shocking also allowed us more connection to clients and opportunities to feed the ever hungry beast that is within us to constantly create and seek new experience, in doing so relieving our hunger to create and the desire of our clients to bring imagined ideas into the physical world.

Our collecting of veteran reclaimed timbers over the years was the backbone for the design of Foundry.

After patiently waiting for the right space to become available we were faced with the challenge of merging our love for a natural aesthetic with a new building. Using the raw exposed concrete in the building as a canvas we were able to marry our collection of timbers seamlessly.

The use of old techniques and materials offers the visitor an entry into a world inside a world. Each element used to create the space was carefully chosen within a small budget to speak to our clients through a collective sense of nostalgia. Triggering memories of the barns they might have played in from their childhood or the misty memory of antique stores they vaguely recall visiting in foreign lands. Many hours and late nights were spent together to achieve the subtle complexities and layers of the space, which now act as a backdrop for the constant cyclical evolution of beautiful artisanal creations.

Our work and spaces are always in our hands.

We have a strong belief in the idea that the process remains undiluted from conceptualisation all the way to completion, the same minds and the same hands making every decision. The process really being a vast multitude of decisions in every meeting of materials and every nail, the progression remains true.

This idea of design and construct all coming from one source was an important basis to the philosophy of our showroom to truly convey to our clients that there is a personality absorbed by a space through the process that when left pure will speak in a language that is heard subconsciously, almost telepathically.

The layers of every decision made, from the smallest jewellery item to an interior living space could never be calculated or measured except by the emotion felt in the final creation. Our hope is to touch that mysterious place in those intuitive people who search for it, the nameless place where you finally feel for even a moment satisfied.


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